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Turkey Trot 5k & Silent Auction

Today was the Turkey Trot & silent auction. Chloe started by getting in the right attire....

Chloe in her Turkey Trot Tee!

Then we met with our family, friends and everyone else who came out from the community to support our cause!....

Chloe & Mayor Nagle

There were approximately 200 runners and many more supporters. It was incredible!




This playground is a true community effort. And because of all the support I witnessed today, I am 100% certain that this community is going to build Chloe's Sunshine Playground. I'm grateful to be just a small part of this effort. Thank you, everyone!!!

Turkey Trot & Silent Auction

This race will be professionally timed. Cool!

You can either register beginning October 1st in person at the Syracuse Community Center or online HERE. Select "register for activities" on the left, then "2010 programs," then "Turkey Trot 5k (No Child Left Out)."

A silent auction will be held before, during and after the 5k. We welcome any auction items to be donated. Contact Tara Bennett at to arrange donation items.

How You Can Help

People are always asking how they can help with the playground. I keep directing them to the blog. But I just realized that I didn't have everything in one easy-to-find spot. So here is a list that is easy to see all the different ways you can help out!

  • Make a donation. Find out how here.
  • Purchase a brick. Find out how here.
  • Participate in the Turkey Trot 5k on November 20th. Details here.
  • Attend the silent auction on November 20th and/or participate in the 5k Turkey Trot. Details here.
  • Donate for a chance to win an autographed Utah Jazz basketball. Details here.
  • Donate for a chance to win an iPad. Details here.
  • Buy a frosty any time at the Wendy's in Syracuse. Details here.
  • Purchase bows at Chloe's Bow-tique.
  • Purchase digital scrapbooking kit "Sunshine Playground." Details here.
  • Keep updated on future events by following our blog here or facebook page here.

Thank you again to everyone who supports this project! I know I say it all the time, but I sincerely mean it. This project has truly shown me how much people in this community care about each other. It is humbling and exciting to think what everyone will help us accomplish! Thank you!!!

Phasing Plan

Tonight, Cindy Gooch of JUB Engineers presented a proposal for Syracuse City to support the playground to be built in phases. She and her amazing support staff are working on writing a grant for our project and they believe that building the playground in phases will help with potential donation opportunites and make the excitement of the playground a reality rather than just a pipe dream. I am thrilled with this phasing idea and believe if things go as I have planned with some of our upcoming fund-raising events, that we may be able to combine phases 2 and 3 and have the project completed next year. With that in mind, here is the 3-part phasing plan.

Phase 1: Game Time "Powerscapes" for ages 5-12 and ages 2-5; swings; shade structures; benches; excavation for the entire project; surfacing; retaining wall and concrete sidewalks and arched entrance.

Phase 2: Cre8 Play area and mini play structures.

Phase 3: Splash Pad and final touches.

Majority ruled and the council committed that JUB Engineers can submit a grant application which will potentially match the funds we have already raised; the city also committed to operation and maintenance of the playground upon completion.

Squint. Look into the future. Do you see Chloe's Sunshine Playground? I DO!!!

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude to the continued outpouring of support from the city and other incredible people and organizations. It never ceases to amaze me. Thank you. We're going to make this a reality. Not me.... WE -- all of us! Thank you!!!

More Inspiration!

Although we are no longer officially partnered with Unlimited Play, Natalie of the organization is still my partner and friend in every way.

Here is an incredible story their local news did about the playground she built for her son, Zachary's Playground. This was the playground that I read about that inspired me to build Chloe's Sunshine Playground.

Go here to watch the video.

I can only imagine the day that there will be a video like this about our completed project!


I just watched this video on a playground that was recently built in Tennessee. How exciting to see that someone else had a similar vision as we have and that it came to pass! I can only imagine that day for us. Thanks, everyone, for helping to someday bring that to pass. Be sure to watch the video, it is truly inspiring! See more pictures about this playground HERE. It will make you smile! :)

We Love Wendy's!

First the frosty's and now this!....

Please come support us @ 1598 S 2000 W in Syracuse. See you there!

Launch Party

Tonight was the launch party for Chloe's Sunshine Playground. Here's a little recap:

When Chloe was born, before there was any indication of medical anomalies.... before our life became filled with diagnoses, doctor's appointments, therapies and medical testing.... I looked in Chloe's big blue eyes and made her a promise. I promised that she could be and do anything she wanted, and that her dad and I would help her achieve whatever that was.

Today when I look into her big blue eyes, the promise remains the same. She will do and be anything she wants and we will help her.

Although Chloe is non-verbal, anyone who has ever spent any time around her knows that she can still express exactly what she wants. It is a profound privilege to be her “voice” and let all of you know that what Chloe wants right now is to have fun..... To play, laugh and explore alongside her peers. She does not want to be on the sidelines watching everyone else; she wants to be in on the action!

I am doing my best to keep my promise to Chloe. The great city of Syracuse is helping make it a reality. Mayor Nagle, her staff and the city council have truly risen to the occasion and I feel honored to call many of them my friends. The city has set aside Centennial Park to be the location.

Right now, Chloe's Sunshine Playground is just a dream. It's an idea put on paper and an empty plot of ground. But with all of your help, it will one day be a reality.

Chloe and Mayor Nagle uncovered the design of the playground for everyone to see what we have envisioned for Chloe and all the children in our community who desire to play together without boundaries.

Thank you, Zurchers, for sponsoring this event. The snow cones, popcorn and balloons were a huge hit.

Thank you, everyone for supporting us! It was such an exciting night. This was the first time the playground felt real.... I could almost see it and felt the excitement in the air.

Here Comes the Sun!!!!

Exciting News!

This just in! There will be a hot air balloon at the Syracuse City Rec Center tomorrow morning (Saturday). It's only $5 for a ride and the proceeds will help the playground!


An iPad has been donated to our cause! We will be selling raffle tickets for the iPad from tomorrow (at a Heritage Days booth at Founders Park in Syracuse) until July 15th. The winner will be announced at our launch party!

A "Scentsible" Way to Help!

Just wanted to let you know that there is another great opportunity for you to help raise money for the playground! If you love Scentsy (and who doesn't!), July is the time to buy. And Julie is the gal to buy it from! Scentsy consultant, Julie Dillman, is donating the profit of her sales for the month of July to our cause. How cool is that!

Go to her blog HERE to find out how!

Get some new scents. Buy extra for gifts. Let your friends and family know too.

Thanks everyone!!!

Leave a Lasting Impression

Either go here to make an online donation via paypal, or mail a check to No Child Left Out 2974 S 1000 W Syracuse, UT 84075. You can enter as many times as you'd like! Please include your full name and the best phone number to reach you as well as the name and/or logo you would like to be featured on your brick.

Chance to Win!

We have a Jazz basketball signed by all the players....

And an iPad!....

AND your donations will give you a chance to win one of them!

A donation of $5 will allow you to be put in a drawing to win the Jazz basketball. Each entry for the iPad is $10. No limit.

Winners will be announced at the Syracuse Pumpkin Walk in October! (If you're not there to hear the announcement and you win, we will contact you by phone).

Pumpkin Walk
The annual pumpkin walk will be held October 21-23 at Centennial Park
(behind the police station) from 7-10 p.m.

FREE for the Whole Family

Either go here to make an online donation via paypal, or mail a check to No Child Left Out 2974 S 1000 W Syracuse, UT 84075. You can enter as many times as you'd like! Please include your full name and the best phone number to reach you if you win!

For All Frosty Fanatics!

From now until the playground is complete, when you buy a Frosty at the Wendy's in Syracuse, the proceeds will go directly to help our project. NOW.... Aren't you craving a Frosty? I hope so!!!

Thank you, Wendy's!!!

Launch Party!

We'll be holding Chloe's Sunshine Playground Launch Party at Centennial Park July 15th from 6-8:30 pm.

There will be FREE ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy and balloons. We'll be revealing the future location of the playground, the design plan, and holding a raffle. PLEASE come support this exciting event!!!

Heritage Days Booth

We will have a booth at Founders Park for Syracuse Heritage Days Friday June 25th and Saturday June 26th.

At the booth, there will be a raffle for a basketball autographed by ALL of the Utah Jazz players!!!....

We'll also be selling bows....

ALL proceeds will go to the playground, so please come support us if you can!

Pancake Breakfast

Syracuse's Breakfast in the Park at the city Community Center will be held at 7 a.m. on Saturday, June 26th.

Not only will it be fun and delicious, but ALL proceeds will be going to Chloe's Sunshine Playground! Please come!!!

Try a Slice, Buy a Pie

Zions Bank is sponsoring an event on Wednesday, June 23rd, from 7-9 pm at Centennial Park.

They will be giving away slices of pie so you can try different flavors before deciding which whole pie to purchase. ALL proceeds will go directly to Chloe's Sunshine Playground! Please come if you can!!!

Thank You, Zions Bank!

Today was the grand opening ceremony at the Zions Bank in Syracuse. Chloe and I were invited to attend. The President and CEO, Scott Anderson, presented a generous donation of $75,000 to Syracuse City for Chloe's Sunshine Playground! WOW!

Chloe and Scott Anderson

Tara, Chloe & Mayor Jamie Nagle

Chloe loved the pink balloon they gave her to match her dress!

Thank you, Zions Bank!!!

Bows for the Playground!

I just started a new blog, Chloe's Bow-tique, to help raise funds for the playground. Check it out, but please realize it's a work in progress! Be sure to tell your friends too!

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

I think it's ironic that our first fund-raising event was held at Iceberg Drive-Inn, because truly this really is the tip of the iceberg of all the events we will have for this project!

And it was a great event!

In addition to yummy food, there were some pretty amazing people who showed up to support our cause!

Chloe & Mayor Jamie Nagle

There was a fire truck for all the kiddos to check out!


But Chloe was most into the men who came in the fire truck! *wink*wink*

Chloe & the firemen

Of course everyone loved the police car (and policeman) as well! What is it about a man in uniform? I dunno, but it starts at a young age.... just ask Chloe & Izzy!

Chloe, Izzy giggling about their crush

Thank you everyone for your support, it was a huge success! Even if you couldn't make it tonight, I feel the support of everyone so much with this project and it really does keep me going - it means the world to me!

Community Event at Iceberg

Mark your calendars! We are holding a community event at Iceberg (1792 S 2000 W in Syracuse) on April 14th. There will be a fire truck and police car there. Kids can check them out and have their pictures taken! There will be a raffle and fun prizes! Come eat and have a good time between 5 and close that night, and you will be supporting our cause!

Mother Fights for Playground

by Loretta Park

SYRACUSE, UT - Tara Bennett just wants to see her daughter play in a park with her friends.

To do that, she hopes to raise $1 million so 2-year-old Chloe Bennett, who uses a wheelchair for mobility, can play side-by-side with other children.


"She loves playing with other kids and swinging and playing in the sand," Bennett said about her only child, who has cerebral palsy.

"But at a regular playground, she can't do that," Bennett said.

That's because the swings do not have high-enough backs to support her body, and it's difficult to push a wheelchair through sand or wood chips to the play area, Bennett said.

The Syracuse City Council recently approved a resolution allocating 3 acres at Legacy park, 2300 S 1000 W, for the proposed, "Chloe's Sunshine Playground."

The funds would go toward building an accessible playground, which would include ramps, sensory panels, table play, wider paths, Braille and fully accessible structures that will appeal to all children and conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act, she said.

Bennett started to research her daughter's condition after Chloe was diagnosed as an infant, and she came across an article about Natalie Blakemore, who raised funds for an accessible park in Lake St Louis, MO. It opened in 2007. Since then, Blakemore, a Brigham Young University graduate, has helped others raise funds and design playgrounds for their areas.

Bennett is now heading "The No Child Left Out Project" in Syracuse and has partnered with "Unlimited Play," a nonprofit organization headed by Blakemore, to build an accessible park for disabled children.

It will be the first of its kind west of St Louis.

Bennett, who studied business in college, is not only organizing fundraisers, she is also writing grants in hopes of obtaining private, state and federal funds for the park. Her goal is to see her daughter swinging in a public playground in five years.

The city is unable to provide any extra funding for playground equipment at this time, said Mayor Jamie Nagle.

But that does not stop the city's support of Bennett's dream.

"When you're a mom of a disabled child, everything's possible," Nagle said. "Tara's dream is for her daughter to play side-by-side with other children, and I salute her for that. I'm 100 percent behind her."

Learn more
For more information about The No Child Left Out Project and upcoming fundraisers, go to

Upcoming fundraising event:
Golf tournament, June 8-9, Glen Eagle Golf Course, 3176 W 1700 S, Syracuse.