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More Inspiration!

Although we are no longer officially partnered with Unlimited Play, Natalie of the organization is still my partner and friend in every way.

Here is an incredible story their local news did about the playground she built for her son, Zachary's Playground. This was the playground that I read about that inspired me to build Chloe's Sunshine Playground.

Go here to watch the video.

I can only imagine the day that there will be a video like this about our completed project!


I just watched this video on a playground that was recently built in Tennessee. How exciting to see that someone else had a similar vision as we have and that it came to pass! I can only imagine that day for us. Thanks, everyone, for helping to someday bring that to pass. Be sure to watch the video, it is truly inspiring! See more pictures about this playground HERE. It will make you smile! :)

We Love Wendy's!

First the frosty's and now this!....

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