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A WiLd Night!

I didn't think I could feel more humble over the fact that the Davis County gala proceeds were going to go to the playground. It was such a beautiful event filled with beautiful, giving people. I was so honored and just overflowing with gratitude. Chloe thought it was pure magic and just loved being the center of attention of such a special night. I couldn't possibly put it all into words, so here it is in pictures...

They didn't miss a mark. Every square inch inside and out invited the WILD spirit of the night in honor of the amazingly talented African Children's Choir who entertained us all... it was jungle/safari theme everywhere you looked and I was just in AWE!!!

The Davis County Conference Center was FILLED to the brim with people who were there with open hearts and open wallets to support our project. I can't even put into words how much it meant to me! To know that people are so kind and believe in the playground as much as I do.... nothing could mean more than to be supported and have people believe in your vision. The silent auction literally blew me away. It was a giant room FILLED with extravagant donations from exercise equipment to tires to decorations to shoes, jewelry, furniture.... exquisite items.... all DONATED and SOLD for our cause. It. Was. Amazing.

Chloe was the belle of the ball... everyone in attendance knew who she was and came up to meet the famous little Chloe! There had been a commercial promoting the event for a week or so before on channel 5 so her cute little face was well-known. And boy, did she love the attention! She wasn't the only beauty in attendance, though. City and County beauty queens were there too. Chloe was honored when they wanted their picture with her!!! Don't let her face fool you in this pic, she was just lovin' being one of the pretty girls!

I'm pretty sure my jaw literally dropped when I walked into the event room. It was breath taking! This picture doesn't even do it justice. There was this green light effect that just blew me away that this picture doesn't do a good job of capturing and they even had jungle sound effects to further set the tone. It was beautiful. Beautiful!

Chloe just loved during dinner when they had a drum group playing. She was squealing up a storm. If she hadn't already been the center of attention, she would have been then. What a ham!

I was SO thrilled that The African Children's Choir was going to be the entertainment. I had seen them perform a few years ago and knew just how special they were. But they exceeded my expectations! Their energy was so contagious and their big, happy spirits just filled up the entire room with this feeling of appreciation for all of our differences and the reminder that anything is possible. I don't know if that even makes a bit of sense, but seriously, these kids taught me something just with their big smiles. It was really, really special.

I am disappointed that I haven't found the right words to express my gratitude and just astonishment at the night and the gift of my community to believe in this dream and support it in such a MAGNIFICENT and SPECIAL way. I am just grateful beyond words. Thank you, Davis County. Thank you, Syracuse city. It is a privilege and honor.

(For lots more amazing photos of this night, head here!)

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